A Letter To Olivia and Lilia-Some PR 101

Two things first

1-This too shall pass

2-#1 is easier said than done but that doesn’t make it any less true

As the great poet Jay-Z once said “ladies is pimps too go on brush your shoulders off”

Over the past few weeks you have been losing endorsement deals like the Lakers have been losing games this season…but it won’t always be this way. Well at least not unless you want it to.

Why do brands give you endorsement deals in the first place? It is because they want to get through to your audience. In case you have not checked recently (but of course you have) your Instagram and Youtube follower counts have only gone up since the “scandal” became public.

As long as you have a strong and engaged following your brand will only grow. While knowing some famous people did not hurt your rise to fame the reality is that at this level the bulk of your followers are here for you…not the other people. So continue to treat your followers well and your follower counts will only increase.

If you just lost all your endorsement deals-and I know you lost several-than your current income will take a hit but just like Kobe Bryant…they will all come back. Might take a few weeks, might take a year, but brands will be back.

So like Jay-Z said go on brush your shoulder off. Or if you like TSwift instead just shake it off. Either way just move on.

Get pissed at your parents or whatever behind the scenes but don’t do any lashing out to the cameras. There is no real win there. If you have not yet addressed your followers with an apology you might do something like “I didn’t know this was happening. I am sorry. I am disappointed in what has happened. I love all of you that have supported me through all of this…I couldn’t have done it without you.” And then get back to posting like you always have. Brands will come looking for you…they always do.

NOTE TO BRANDS-If you are not hitting up these people right now you are dumb. They have large and loyal followings…and right now you can get them at a discount. Don’t go crazy with low-ball offers but you can probably work something out if you aren’t a douche about it all and treat them with respect. Just a thought.



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